Hotfixes on Code Gallery

As first reported by Soma, we are now going to use the MSDN Code Gallery to make hotfixes available.  In the past, you could get some from the Connect site but it was hard to discover the fixes.  So now all Visual Studio and .NET product updates are going to be available in one place, on Code Gallery.  There is no requirement to log-in, you can download any fix you like.

This also means that you have the ability to comment on any fix as well via the Code Gallery forums.  For one way to find some of these, just use this link which is using the tag: Hotfix.

Comments (3)
  1. Mike says:

    It’s called CODE gallery. I don’t see any code…

  2. Mike,

    That is true, but they are just using this as a way to get the fixes out.  Which is a great thing if you compare it to trying to download fixes in the past.

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