Unleashing the power of your employees

There have been a lot of exciting things going on around the Internet dealing with capturing ideas.  A number of companies have released web sites where the public can make suggestions and they try to respond to what the public wants.  So what about your company?  What about responding to what your employees want?  What about all the great ideas that they have but for various reasons haven’t been able to express?

Well, there is an exciting product that we are coming out with soon that will help with exactly that.  Not only does it capture ideas from your employees, but it also has the ability to have a workflow that the idea will go through.  Enabling the employee to track their idea as it makes it way through the process.  You can even put in suggested profits for the idea and it will help you forecast how much money it will make you in the future.

So what is this new product?  It is called Innovation Process Management (IPM) and is a part of the Enterprise Project Management that we are preparing to release.


So what makes IPM so different?  Well for starters, it is based on a lot of products that you are probably already familiar with, namely Office InfoPath, Office SharePoint Server and other Office products.

Part of the process is the various stages that an idea goes through to get approved.  This is all taken care of seamlessly for you in IPM.  It will send an email to the various people when it is their time to look at the idea and comment on it or approve it.  There is also a community section to IPM with people can vote on an idea or leave comments.  This allows an idea to really grow into something great, or get that little tweak that an idea sometimes needs to become a reality.

I’m really excited about this product and can’t wait to see the various ways that this will be used.

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