Blog Chat: What would you like to talk about?

I am thinking of having another chat in the coming weeks and wanted to see if there were any topics that you really wanted to talk about.  We seemed to get a lot of discussion going around SQL Injection so I thought that may be a good topic.  Are there any other suggestions?  I would like to try to have a focused chat on something but if there isn’t that much demand for one topic, we can always open it up to any topic that is discussed on this blog.

So let me know what you would like to see.  If we do talk about SQL Injection, I am going to make sure some of the SQL experts from Microsoft join the chat as well.

Look forward to hearing what you want to chat about.

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  2. If it is for SQL Injection get Joe Stagner involved, he’ll love it.

  3. UK says:

    I created a web project and i’m trying to publish it to my domain. when i set the ftp details and click the publish menu option , the task bar just displays "Failed". No details provided. Pls help

  4. UK,

    I was really intending this for ideas around a blog chat topic.  But what are you using?  Visual Studio?  What version?  Is the FTP server in your network?  Can you reach it using another FTP application?

  5. Rovastar says:

    SQL injection is a good and popular topic choice.

    However I would also like some insight on some of the nuts and bolts counters in perfmon.

    From an administration side I would like to know more details on:

    What is a good list of recommended counters?

    What ranges are acceptable? (Obviously all systems are different but ranges of values that work for as many as possible. Danger values that are bad no mater what the environment setup. )

    This is all in mind that IIS 6 to IIS 7 migration is getting popular and as an admin I will be writing deployment guides, etc and part of that would be to more detailed monitoring before and after. The OS, web platform and hardware will change and although ASP.NET version will/might not. There is a lot changing in the environments and admin I think will find it useful for compiling a benchmark monitoring guide.

    What want to know how the whole web environment is performing before and after migration and I find at the moment I don’t really have enough information (or confidence in the information) to cover the ASP.NET part of it.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  6. Rovastar,

    Thanks for your thoughts.  I’ll try to to a post on my blog on perfmon and the various counters and maybe that will be a good starting point for you with that and we can take it from there.  If a lot of people would like to see something like that, we can do a chat on that also.

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