What Future Update are you looking forward to most?

There are so many updates coming in the near future, I'd love to hear which one you are most excited about.  I'll give a brief list here, but feel free to include other things also if you are so inclined.

  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data



  • ADO.NET Data Services

  • Silverlight 2.0 Overview

  • DeepZoom

  • For me, I think that the integration of Silverlight, especially DeepZoom, with ASP.NET is going to be something that can change things.  I think it will transform how we use the web and what the choices are for browsing large amounts of data.

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    1. int19h says:

      MVC, absolutely. It is something that has been missing from the .NET land for too long, especially seeing how many mature MVC frameworks are available for Java.

    2. Simone says:

      ASP.NET MVC because it will enable better software development compared to asp.net webforms

    3. Darren says:

      I think that Microsoft Velocity and Silverlight will truly change the game.  As sites move into user generated content, the complexity of the applications change and the expectation of instant updates, the more the technology shift towards savy caching strategies and client-side performance needs to happen.  

      SQL Server currently provides extremely limited scale out options and none of them are appealing given the data structure changes that need to happen at the database level to or the lag time in replicating lots of complex data.  While 8/16 core database servers are here now and 32 core servers are on their way, most companies can’t afford to scale up.

      With a distributed caching architecture from the start, it will remove the one remaining bottleneck (the database) and provide all websites with an opportunity to scale.  In addition, with Silverlight Isolated Storage – the concept of a user profile and meta information can be put back on the client on only retrieved from across the web for a refresh on occasion further reducing Internet traffic and load on servers.

      Finally, I like DeepZoom, but deep zoom needs to be converted from a desktop application to a web application.  In order to get mass adoption, it would be a better product if it could be tightly integrated with other web applications from the start.  It would also be cool to see a CLI based version so that we could build a service around DeepZoom, allow people to upload their images and create the experience in Silverlight to be published out in Silverllight – think of it as a DeepZoom widget creator- very cool…

    4. Mike Bosch says:

      ASP.NET MVC by far!  I think it will make the old post back model obsolete.  Whether you’re creating an iPhone app, social networking site or enterprise apps, the seperation of concerns is phenomenal.  No more if Page.IsPostBack messes!

    5. Francis says:

      I’m looking forward the SP1 for Visual Web Developper Express the most!

    6. Francois says:

      -Definately Silverlight 2.0. Silverlight 1.0 was really a tease, and all around not very useful when compared to competitors. I found uses for it that could not be duplicated in more mature products, but they were few and far in between.

      -VS2008 SP1 as a whole. The better Javascript intellisense support that actually works out of the box with most popular javascript librairies will more easily allow us to move faster toward real web based rich client apps. I mean, the kind where you have one static page and have javascript handle everything in a client-server way. Its already possible, and I have a large one in production with many happy customers, but a lot of my peers are afraid of it because of poor tooling. VS2008 didn’t help much since we couldn’t use the intellisense support with the big players among the javascript librairies 🙂

      -No web based per say, but the entity framework/LINQ to Entities. LINQ to SQL is a bit of a toy, and I have issues in companies I work with (I’m a consultant) in getting mainstream OR Mappers to be accepted, such as NHibernate, LLBLGen or the tools provided with SubSonic… Many people never even heard of ORMs, so the entity framework is a huge stepping stone that LINQ to SQL didn’t cover. Finally will be able to spend more time doing things that haven’t been done a million times before 🙂

    7. Daniel says:

      For me ASP.NET MVC is more exciting

    8. T.C. says:

      I agree with Silverlight integration. My hopes is xaml will ultimately swap seemlessly between asp.net and windows forms. I also hope databinding becomes a little more intuitive.

      How great it would be to utilize one UI for both.

    9. The upcoming history support in AJAX is probably the single biggest thing we’re waiting on. UpdatePanel’s are great, but users are just addicted to the back button. Other than that, the additional controls added to Silverlight 2 will be great to have.

    10. Tim B says:

      As a hobby programmer, I’m crazy excited about the huge improvements to the Express editions.  I can’t wait to build class libraries and try out the MVC framework on VWD Express.

    11. Hi Tom,

      I´m waiting and thinking a lot about Data Services. Being able to expose some data using “native” services is something very easy to do and to manage. I think this feature is a new step that can help to get in the SOA world.

      — André

    12. Since so many people mentioned MVC in my post asking about future updates that you are most looking forward

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