Update coming for SOS

It is still pretty early in the process, but I wanted to let you know that we are going to be adding SOS for .NET 2.0 to the Debugger package, with all of the new functionality that I have been referencing in my posts here.

I am actively trying to get this added in hopes of having it go out in the next public drop.  From that point, I will be able to add additional features that anyone thinks is missing.

What functionality should be added?

This is a question I often think about and the best type of commands are anything that would take you a while to do by yourself and you’d have to dig around to find out the information.  The perfect example of this is !dumpallexceptions.  You could look through the !dumpheap -stat output for Exception objects, but there is nothing that says the class has to end in the word Exception so you may miss some or just overlook them.

If you have additional thoughts of things that would be useful.  I’d love to hear them.  Otherwise, look for the update coming soon and I’ll let you know all the features that will be in it.

I’m really excited about this and hope that you are able to put the additional functionality to good use.

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  2. gOODiDEA.NET says:

    Web Create a Nice, Lightweight JavaScript Tooltip Setting Up Velocity (Distributed Cache) .NET ANTS Performance

  3. gOODiDEA says:


  4. Hi Tom,

    thanks for sharing this and giving us the possibility to influence the direction!

    Great would be to have the integrated managed debugging that came in with and was taken out later. See this post for more: http://voneinem-windbg.blogspot.com/2007/04/windbg-6750-released.html

    Also having managed variables in the watch window would be cool.

    Another thing that could be improved is the setting of managed breakpoint directly from the source file.

    Keep on with that good work…


  5. Dmitry says:

    I would like to describe very anoying situation:

    I was debuging a programme with the help of IE7. Then I desided to open a new tab and google some info. Suppose I find some helpfull info and after that I stop debaging in VS. And IE7 is closed with all opened tabs, with all helpfull information. That is very bad thing I could expect from MS…

  6. omario says:

    I would be useful if sos commands,  taking integer params, could take registers also.

  7. Volker,

    Thanks for the suggstions.  I actually don’t have full control over managed debugging for Windbg.  I just have control over the debugger extension.  So I can’t really get those things added.  But keep the suggestions coming.

  8. Dmitry,

    I’ll check into this and see if I can find out what is up with that.  Thanks for reporting it.

  9. Omario,

    I know I added that to some commands.  I’ll have to check and I’ll see if I can get it added to the others.

  10. omario says:

    And if SOS could show main .NET perf counters having only memory dump.. I don’t dare ask for it 🙂

  11. GProssliner says:


    These things would be extremly usefull:

    1. Allow an "action" Parameter on !bpmd, which can be used e.g. to write a Dump when hitting a Breakpoint. Now this is only possible with !Name2EE and bp, but only when the Method has been jitted allready.

    2. A Method to print the Invocation-List of a Delegate. e.g. !dumpdelegate <address>. Also other !dumpXXX commands can be usefull like !dumpdatetime, !dumptimespan or !dumpguid.

  12. Thanks GProssliner,

    I’ll look into them.

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