Hyper-V part 1

So I have begun working with Hyper-V, see my previous post here.  And it is really quiet an easy experience so far.  I have been able to install a few OS’s from the CD’s without any problems at all.  I have even used our network boot option to install an OS.  I have just downloaded the Virtual Machine Manager and I am going to check that out.  The most promising feature of the Beta seems to be that it can convert P2V and V2V.  I am really excited to use that and convert my existing machines to virtual ones.

One other really useful feature of Hyper-V is the Snapshot feature.  You can take a “Snapshot” of a VM to save the state it was in to be restored later.  This is really useful if you are doing a demo for example and you want to be able to restore it to the state it was in previously.  This is also great if you are working on something for a test and then want to revert it back after you are done testing something.

Another thing that I am finding very useful is that you can create as many VM’s as you want.  So I am not going to have my main OS run much of anything.  That way everything is running in a VM and if I need to get some memory back, I just shut a VM down.  And my main OS isn’t very bulky itself.

Just for the record, the machine I am using has 8 processors and 16 GB of RAM.  It also has 500 GB hard drive (which I’m sure I will need to upgrade).

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  2. gOODiDEA.NET says:

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  3. Robert says:

    Just out of curiosity… On what motherboard do you have installed 8 CPUs?

  4. Robert,

    I am not sure what motherboard it is using.  But it is an HP xw6600 Workstation and has two Intel Xeon E5405 quad-core CPU’s in it.

  5. Andoni says:

    hi tom, i was looking at the hp xw6600 as a testbed for windows 2008 and planned to run hyper-v on it. as part of the prerequisites it says you need to enable ‘hardware-assisted virtualization’ and ‘no execute bit’ options in the motherboard, however HP could not tell me if these options appeared, and looking at their bios simulator for that model it appears there are no options. are they enabled by default in the bios?

    i assume if you are using hyper-v without problems then it should be ok for me to go ahead and buy the xw6600?


  6. Andoni,

    Yes I am using it just fine.  I believe those those are all set correctly.  I did have to make a change in the Bios, but everything has been working great.

  7. Greg Duncan says:


    What change in the BIOS on the xw6600 did you make? I just grabbed the latest BIOS (1.24) and I don’t see anywhere to turn on VT.



  8. Greg Duncan says:


    Never mind… I found it.

    In the BIOS Security menu, under OS Security…


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