ASP.NET, Visual Studio and Vista

I know that Vista has been out for a while, but just in case people are looking for information on how to use ASP.NET 1.1, Visual Studio 2005, or Visual Studio 2003 on Vista, here are some very helpful links.

Of course the best option is to upgrade to Visual Studio 2008, but I understand that it isn’t always an option for everyone.

Hope that these links help.

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  1. Will says:

    Anyone else have constant crashed in VS 2008 when developing ASP.NET apps with Vista OS ?

  2. Zack Jones says:

    Thanks for the links. Vista was giving me so many fits trying to run a VS 2003 application that I dug an old laptop out of storage so I would work with VS 2003 on windows XP. I have Vista on 2 different laptops and I despise it. If I could find all of the drivers I need for XP I’d fdisk each HD and go back to XP in a heartbeat.

  3. jakub says:

    very nice, i had vista with vs2008 for 6 months, maybe i’m beginner but vista was a mistake for me, not able to debug, a lot of bought comonent didn’t work (especially chart components) and i was not able to install viast sp1 as i have to new graphic (Intel 965)

    so 10 days ago i back to XP, computer works 2 time faster and no problem running vs2008

  4. Mojtaba says:

    i think that the time is coming for switching from 1.1 to migrate to 2 at least

  5. says:


    I would like to conduct a workshop on 2.0 with ajax 1.0, Silverlight 1.1 in India all Major Cities. For this reason i would like to take the permission from Microsoft Corporation. How to Contact Microsoft Head office please give me the sugistion.


  6. Will,

    Have you tried installing the updates?  This should take care of any issues we currently know of.

  7. Nadhavs,

    I would check on our leaning site:

    You should be able to get in contact with the right people from there.

  8. lolita says:

    Hey i ve vista on my laptop . When i try 2 run ASP.NET page on my laptop the server start but the page is not rendered n displayed on the screen. I have tried it on IE,firefox as well as on google chrome but still unable to run my pages… besides i ve tried on both visual studio 2005 n 2008 . please relpy if ny body ve d solution

  9. Paul says:

    Vista and VS2008 … I’ve reached the point where the combination is simply not usable. Even access to the remote FTP server seems to lock VS2008 up. It happens under Web Developer as well so I think it is a Vista issue.

    Hate them both but it’s a MS world so Vista has to go.

    I’m now upgrading to a more stable and comfortable OS.

  10. Paul,

    Sorry they are unusable, you can try to look into it if you like.  Just open a support case with Microsoft.  And they should be able to help get it working again.

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