Debugging .NET Framework Source Code

I am not sure how many people are familiar with the .NET Reference Source project, but if you do a lot of debugging of .NET code, chances are that you have had a situation where you wanted to be able to step into the .NET Source from within Visual Studio.

Well, thanks to this project.  This is now something that you can accomplish.  It just takes a few steps and you will be off and running.

I don’t want to go into the specific steps to get this setup as Shawn did a fantastic job explaining them on his blog here.  This is also mentioned on ScottGu’s blog with another example.

This is a big win for everyone.  If you have any problems with this and Shawn’s blog doesn’t have your issue documented, feel free to post it here or on the MSDN Forum.

Keep in mind that you view this through a read-only reference license so feel free to look at the code.

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  2. The Microsoft-supported .NET Reference Source project enables developers to dig into the .NET Source

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