Code Gallery and CodePlex, how are they different and what are their benefits?

So lately I have been looking into these two web sites a lot more and it isn’t always easy to figure out which one is used for what.  So I thought I would try to explain it here.

Code Gallery is a community-enabled Web site where you can share developer information and resources like samples and code snippets.  CodePlex is Microsoft’s open source project hosting Web site.  Code Gallery is a pure storage site, it has no project management capabilities.  It is meant to put something up and leave it there.  CodePlex is geared around a live code project that you need to managed and maintain.

Some projects will be put into both of them.  For example, Web Client Software Factory is on Code Gallery here and CodePlex here.

The ASP.NET Support team has a Code Gallery site where we place samples and examples that we have come across and think may be useful.  But since it isn’t a project we are developing, it is simply up on Code Gallery.

Both of these sites have some great information on them and I highly suggest you check them both out.  If you would like to get involved in helping change code or anything like that, check out CodePlex.  And if you just want to see the finished products and samples, check out Code Gallery.

There are a lot of really interesting projects on them.  Everything from the new ASP.NET updates like:

To some really cool ideas like:

You can look for much more interaction from myself and my team on both of these sites in the future.  We hope to start adding some projects to CodePlex in the future so keep an eye on this blog for more information as it becomes available.

I’d love to hear what you guys think of these sites.  Let me know how you are using them like if you just browse them or actually get involved in some of the projects.  Would you be interested in working on a project on CodePlex?

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