Ajax View: Remotely Monitoring Web 2.0 Applications

Microsoft research recently released a new tool to help developers with Ajax applications.  You can check out the site for more information, Ajax View.

This is some really cool technology that basically puts a proxy in between the server and the end-users browser and allows instrumentation and other really useful things to happen.

You can see a simple walkthrough Ajax View's performance profiling.

If you haven’t looked at the various things that our research team is working on, I would highly suggest you check it out.  Things like:

This is just a sample of some of the really cool work then are doing.  Check out the main page at http://research.microsoft.com

Comments (2)

  1. Francois Ward says:

    I had played with Ajax View a while back… pretty cool stuff for multibrowser scenarios… Firebug had some cool similar things, but when I was stuck with the inevitable IE-only application, something like this (if it wasnt a research project and didnt have so many quirks 🙂 ) would have been a blessing..

    However, of this post, the thing that caught my eye the most was… There’s a C# implementation of transactional memory?!? That concept has always fascinated me…its such an amazing solution to the multithreading issue (and we know the “concept” works, we use it all the time in databases!!!), so I really hope it someday becomes a full fledged part of the .NET platform (and all platforms, really…should almost be part of the OS…). That will make things so much easier, even if there’s a performance hit.

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