I would like to hear from you!  I want to know what your thoughts are around the SOS.dll and using it to troubleshoot problems.

  • Are there functions in the sos.dll that ships with the debugger, that only works with .NET 1.x, that you are missing for your 2.0 troubleshooting?
  • Are there things you do all the time that you would rather have one command that does it for you? (For example, looking at DataTables and how many columns and rows they have)
  • What would make troubleshooting easier?
  • Is there a report that you’d like to see about the status of the process which is currently missing?
  • Would you like to use DebugDiag instead to troubleshoot .NET issues?
  • Any others?

Please let me know what your thoughts are and what you think would make it better.  I’d really like to hear your thoughts around this debugger extension.  I am planning on making an extension that will work with SOS and give more information for ASP.NET and other useful things.  And make it so that one DLL will work with all versions of .NET but I would like to hear your thoughts so I can try to make it the best possible.

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  2. Eric Pearson says:

    After working on that sp1 issue with you in support, I would love an easier way to inspect objects: such as DumpObj automatically expanding or formatting datetimes and valuetypes and strings inline so you can get a better view of an object’s contents at a glance.

  3. At this point I’d say yes, the IIS7 methods.

    If more ASP.NET developers see this:

    …They may be able to better answer your question. 😉

  4. Pawel Pabich says:

    It would be great to have UI that lets you browse managed heap but I suppose it is more Windbg than SOS feature request.

  5. Like what kind of UI?  Browse the managed heap as in like graphically?  I have had a few ideas around this myself, but what kind of visual were you thinking?

  6. So there are a lot of useful commands in sos that you may not know about.  I am going to hit on

  7. So we didn’t get much more on this one, so I’ll go ahead and show how we find out what is going on here. 

  8. Ron says:

    I really miss the -gen option on the dh command.  I used the -gen with -stat a lot in the 1.x version of sos.

  9. Ron says:

    I wasn’t aware of the !aspxpages command until I read your blog.  I can see how it could be extremely beneficial in troubleshooting web apps.

  10. So we have a bunch of debugger extensions that we need to use depending on the situation.  So here

  11. This question that I got from a reader is something that I get asked pretty frequently… "I met a small

  12. daveblack says:

    I have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Debugging Tools for Windows (ver. 6.11.0001.404).  I’ve been using WinDBG with SOS and had been getting "Doesn’t work in 2.x" messages for most of the SOS commands.  I assumed that I should be using the version installed with the Debugging Tools instead of the one with the Framework since that version is the newest and is much larger in size (thinking they’ve added a bunch of new functionality).

    If I load the version of SOS that works with .NET 2.0, it doesn’t have the newer commands in it that the version for 1.x does.  Thus, I find that if I load the version with .NET 2.0, I get "No export ‘commandNameHere’ found".

    some examples:











    What is most frustrating is that new commands are being added to the .NET 1.x version but nothing is being done with SOS for .NET 2.0+

    Why the disconnect and what is being to provide these newer commands to the .NET 2.0+ version?



  13. Dave,

    We are currently working on that exact issue.  We are very aware of the disconnect and are working to get that resolved soon.

  14. daveblack says:


    Thank you much for your reply : )

    1. Is there any general timeframe that the update would be available?  

    2. Will it be available before the release of VS2010?

    3. Would the update be packaged as part of the Debugging Tools for Windows or as a SP for VisualStudio?  It is confusing to have the two versions and one of them should be deprecated *or* they should always be kept in sync.

  15. Dave,

    There isn’t a timeframe yet, but we hope to have something soon.  We are also beginning to talk about doing similar things for 4.0.  The way it works is the CLR development team releases the SOS that comes with the framework.  Then we work on what we can do on top of that.  I am hoping for 4.0 to change it quite a bit but we will see how that works out.

  16. daveblack says:

    Thank you for your efforts to resolve the issue!

    Hopefully, things will be a little easier for those of us who heavily rely on SOS when you need to bring out the "big guns".

    Is your blog the place to watch for posting about a new release or is there a blog for the WinDBG/SOS team?


  17. This blog is probably the best, I’ll be letting people know as soon as anything happens.

  18. Jody says:

    Any idea when !aspxpages and !dae will be available in the public version of SOS for .NET 2.0 and higher?  Working with our support engineer I have noticed you guys have that option available internally but I would really appreciate having that command available for our own analysis so we don’t have to escalate as often.

    Thanks for releasing an x64 version of Debug Diag.  Any future releases planned to do .NET analysis?  Most of my team is not comfortable using WinDBG but I have got them accustomed to using Debug Diag first before escalating.



  19. No update yet, but we are actively working on it and hopefully will have an update soon.  I will post on this blog when it is live and where you can get it from.

  20. Kevin Goff says:

    Would also love to see !aspxpages come back.

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