Recent IIS 7.0 updates

So there have been some new updates recently released for IIS 7.0.  These updates add some additional functionality to IIS on Windows Server 2008.  The biggest one is the addition of FTP: Microsoft FTP Publishing Service for IIS 7.0
Documentation can be found at: Microsoft FTP Publishing Service for IIS 7.0 (x86) Documentation

Another update that has released is WebDav: WebDAV Extension for Windows Server 2008 RTM is released!

We also released a beta: Bit Rate Throttling is now released

Another recent release: FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for IIS 7.0

A CTP release: Web Playlist for IIS 7.0, 64 Bit (x64)

New: A CTP release: Administration Pack - including IIS reports and more

Some of these releases aren't for everyone.  But they give you the ability to add them if they are something that matches your needs.  Keep checking for additional updates.

There are also some great modules up there that you can download.  Everything from enabling logging features in the UI, to backup features, and many others.  Check out all the downloads available, especially under "Administration" from

And if you want to see some of the top KB articles around IIS7, check out this post.

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  2. jakey says:

    I’ll study hard,But I don’t know to study well about improve technology level

  3. Josh Coswell says:

    Thanks for bringing these topics to light on new additions of functionality on IIS 7.0.

    Josh Coswell

  4. The question was asked:

    Do you know if you will be providing SFTP for IIS 7?

    The answer:

    To clarify, Microsoft offers an FTPS solution. SFTP typically involves using FTP over SSH. Microsoft does not provide any solution for securing FTP traffic that uses an implementation of SSH.


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