MSDN Code Gallery

Samples are always useful and we can never have enough samples.  So in this regard, we now have a new site that is dedicated to code samples, snippets, and other bits of code.  As Soma announced on his blog, MSDN Code Gallery - snippets, samples and resources.

You can find these things at The MSDN Code Gallery.

This is simply a site to look up code samples, or upload code samples to.  It doesn't have any project management included.  For that, take a look at CodePlex.

So what can you expect to find on the site?  Anything and everything code related.  WPF samples, LINQ samples.  But one of the most powerful things about the site is that you are allowed to post your own samples.  So you can now help people out with how to do that complicated socket communication through a firewall, or whatever great code you have created.

For more information on the Gallery, including a FAQ, check out MSDN Code Gallery Information and Discussion.

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  1. A few weeks ago, I mentioned the new MSDN Code Gallery .  Well we now have a page setup for the

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