Is Home Server right for you?

There is a new, and humorous way to check out Windows Home Server and see if it it right for you.  Take a look at the new campaign for it at  There are already a few videos up there and more are on the way.

In addition, there is a fake children's book they are creating called "Mommy, Why is there a Server in my House?" to help explain why there is a new addition to the family.

There is a blog posting about this at:

Although these are done from a humorous standpoint, the concepts behind it and the Home Server in general are very sound and it is something that was sorely needed.  If for no other reason then to backup your computers at home in case a hard drive crashes.

For more info on Windows Home Server, check out

Comments (2)

  1. Gregore says:

    I really hate the site. I like the product but is trash. I see the Microsoft cross pollination blog plants are hard at work telling people what they should like.

  2. I am glad you like the product.  The site is taking a different, and humorous approach to getting people excited about the product.  I can understand you not liking it as I’m sure it isn’t for everyone.  I posted here about it as I found it very entertaining and thought others would enjoy it.

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