High Memory continued – Datatables

So in a previous post, High memory, CPU, or other performance problems with .NET, we began to give some things to look for when dealing with High Memory.  So what if debug isn’t set and we aren’t using debug modules? So the best thing to do first is to try to figure out where all…


When error handlers go wrong

It is good to create an error handler for your code and ASP.NET is no exception.  But there are some things to keep in mind when you are writing the code that will handle the exception.  Most notably, don’t have your function or any function you call throw an unhandled exception.  Here is the common…


What’s the deal with declaring something static

We have a few customer who are using statics and not really understanding what they are creating.  There is a very good explanation at: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/98f28cdx(VS.71).aspx The summary of the important parts of that are: Use the static modifier to declare a static member, which belongs to the type itself rather than to a specific object….


Dynamic Assemblies and what to do about them

The Problem and Solutions One thing that can be really tricky to track and and figure out are dynamic assemblies.  A common situation where they may be a problem is if your process isn’t using much memory, yet you are running out of memory.  This is usually do to fragmentation and dynamic assemblies are a…


Unhandled exceptions causing ASP.NET to crash in .NET 2.0

Sometimes you may see an error like the following when you have an ASP.NET application that has crashed, an event message that is similar to the following may be logged in the System log: Event Type: Warning Event Source: W3SVC Event Category: None Event ID: 1009 Date: 9/28/2005 Time: 3:18:11 PM User: N/A Computer: IIS-SERVER…


Is Home Server right for you?

There is a new, and humorous way to check out Windows Home Server and see if it it right for you.  Take a look at the new campaign for it at http://www.stayathomeserver.com.  There are already a few videos up there and more are on the way. In addition, there is a fake children’s book they…


A few minor issues with AJAX and their resolution

Problem 1 Trying to debug a Javascript file from the Visual Studio IDE, if you try to open it from the Script Explorer, it doesn’t open Solution Try to open another script and then go back to the original one and it will open. Problem 2 Cannot set a breakpoint on inline Javascript in the…


MS07-040 Issues

We have seen a number of issues in regards to the security update MS07-040 This is not meant to be an inclusive list of issues, but these are some of the problems we have seen and what the resolution was for each. Problem 1 Getting an exception after updating to MS07-040 when using SSL (TLS)…


Viewing active and non-active ASP.NET requests from a dump

When you have a dump of a ASP.NET process and you want to look at what was happening at the time the dump was collected, you have a few options.  The first is to look at all the callstacks in the dump and go through each one and try to figure out what was running…


High memory, CPU, or other performance problems with .NET

The most common problems we see with ASP.NET (or any .NET application) are high memory and high CPU utilization. The main issue that will cause this is rather simple to fix and rather simple to look for.  Any time there are issues around these things, the very first thing to check is if debug=true is…