How to check any existing ActiveDocument?

For office developers, you might want to check is there any existing active document is opened before you open a document template. What you can do is, check is there any open by using  (Globals.ThisAddIn.Documents.Count > 0). Then close the activeDocument using ActiveDocument.Close(ref object, ref object, ref object). Here is the snippet code that for…


Missing "Office = Microsoft.Office.Core" reference?

Missing this reference “Office = Microsoft.Office.Core”?Here is how you can add the particular reference:Step 1: Right-click your projectStep 2: Select “Add reference..”Step 3: Click on the “COM” tabStep 4: Scroll down to select “Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library”.


Tool for Mapping Word 2007 to Custom XML

Working on OpenXML? so, how easy it is to map the content controls in word document to custom XML?You can use Content Control Toolkit, to assist you to create a data-bound document, and it’s also a good developer tool for learning about the markup you need for binding controls to data. Instead of typing the…