Download DinnerNow.NET Sample Application

DinnerNow.NET is a cool sample application demonstrates how you can develop a connected application using several new Microsoft technologies including:
 .NET Framework 3.0 technologies – WF, WCF, WPF, and CardSpace
Core technologies native to Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn” such as IIS7, Windows Eventing 6, and the Transactional File System.
User experience technologies such as Atlas, WPF, and the .NET Compact Framework.   
Management technologies including Windows PowerShell and MMC
.NET Framework 3.5 “Orcas” technologies such as the LINQ
There are three major applications in the DinnerNow demo:
1. Web site where customers can order food from a variety of restaurants in their local delivery area.
2. Smart client application that allows a restaurant manager to view the incoming orders and update their status
3. Mobile application that allows a delivery person to be notified when orders are ready for delivery 
You can download the sample source code from here.

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  1. Drag-n-drop on Silverlight alpha 3D in Silverlight Download DinnerNow.NET Sample Application Silverlight

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