“driving” me crazy…

Well, for the moment, my coding world seems to be moving along pretty smooth.  I took a couple days break from Movinator to see if anyone else would try and help out...but alas, it's still pretty quiet.  :-\

One thing that is driving me crazy though is that I have been unsuccessful in trying to find out what that song in the Scion commercial is.  Not the DJ one...but the one that has the pipe organs at the end of it...that song kicks butt and no-one seems to know who did it.  Scion claims that all the music they used in their commercials was developed in house...but then someone on a message board disproved that on one of their other commercials...so now I have this belief that the song is available for purchase out there somewhere.  hehehe.  I'll keep looking...

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  1. smokey says:

    me too————–HELP

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