Blog is Still Alive

Cannot believe at this point I can still write a blog post here. Coolio.


Spankin’ New Blog

Got a new blog site, please join me here


On Twitter Now

After being push and prodded by my friends I have decided to join the Twitter community @Toddca. I am still a bit confused on how to follow a thread/conversation but I am sure that is just me. 🙂 Now lets see how dumb I can make myself look in 140 characters or less!   


SharePoint Session State; The Guest That Just Won’t Leave

MOSS uses ASP.Net session state for Forms Services, Project Server, etc. SharePoint installs a PartitionResolver which redirects the ASP.NET session state module to look to the SSP DB for its stored procedures and tables for storage of session state. Within CA there is an option to turn off Session State (its on by default) however…


Run (As Your AppPool Account) Forrest

When running within a website that uses impersonation you find it necessary sometimes to have your code stop impersonating for a period of time while you run some code. For example if you need to get off the box (not using Kerberos) and connect to another resource you will need to fall back and run…


PrepareToMove Away From Running This Command

If you are a SharePoint Admin that is still running stsadm –o PrepareToMove before detaching a content DB AND your farm is running at least the Infrastructure Update (IU) then stop! Stop running the command, its not necessary and it is causing you problems and you probably don’t even realize it. If prepareToMove is run…


High Memory is Relative

Like most folks I customize my computer to fit my needs. I apply a myriad of registry settings, applications, utilities, and adjustments to my machine to get the environment just the way I like. One item I always seem to change is the buffer height of my command prompt. I find it is useful to…


Customizing the Rendering of a Custom SPField

I was recently asked by a customer how to use a PropertySchema field value within a RenderPatten’s CAML to control how a field is rendered. The idea is to create a new instance of the field and have some method to control how that field will be rendered at the time the column is instantiated….


The Zero Downtime SharePoint Patching Myth

Unfortunately it is not possible to update/patch SharePoint without occurring some amount downtime. So the only options available to us are to minimize downtime. I think of downtime in two ways, ‘not available’ and ‘reduced functionality’. The second obviously is more closely aligned to zero downtime however for a large farm it is difficult logistically…


Where Did That AppPool Go?

I am a big fan of anything that gives me more insight as to what is happening on my system. One such IIS 6 tweak which I find is greatly overlooked is the additional AppPool logging you can get out of IIS 6. It blows me away that this was not “on” by default –…