Blogging about Direct2D

Hello, my name is Tom Mulcahy. I'm a developer on the Direct2D team and this is my first blog post.

To begin with, I will explain the name of this blog. Zemblanity is the opposite of serendipity (as coined by William Boyd in Armadillo). It means the unexpected discovery of bad things. I think the process of software development is much more about zemblanity than it is about serendipity. Everytime you find a bug, that's zemblanity. Everytime you discover a limitation in an API, that's zemblanity. I don't think think this has to be taken as pessimism. Even though you'd rather never discover any bugs in your code, it is better for bugs to be discovered sooner as opposed to later.

I hope that developers find Direct2D a pleasant API to work with. I hope my posts are full of enough serendipity to be interesting and enough zemblanity to be useful.

Comments (2)

  1. Amit Khobragade says:


    I am new to Direct2D, and, I am trying to replace the Native GDI calls in my app to D2D.

    I am having some doubts about interoperability, with Native windows, where we have less information.

    The co-ordinates, which I specify to draw bitmaps, are not working with new D2D api's,  Do I need some co-ordinate conversion, or DPI changes (current dpi = 96f)

    Also, with GDI Regions,

    Is Layers the replacement option for D2D.



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