Managed Games? Of course!

You may remember me talking about Koios Works before.  They wrote one of the first retail games using Managed DirectX.  They have an entirely new 3D game out now called Panzer Command: Operation Winterstorm Not only are they still using Managed DirectX and having a full 3d game going, they won first prize in a…


Have you seen the XNA Team Blog?

In one of my posts yesterday I linked to it, but it is a good blog to read.  I really enjoyed the little bit of extra information from Boyd in today’s post.   


So you wanna be a game developer?

(I’m gonna copy/paste since i’m in a lazy mood) Are you a hobby, casual or Indie game developer? If so, we’re looking for participants in a usability study which will help us build better products and technologies to help serve your needs in this area. Participation criteria: You must have been actively involved in programming…


According to Amazon, I had a new book come out this week!

If the title didn’t give it away, I regret to inform you that I didn’t. I’m sure everyone is aware that a long time ago I had signed up for writing a 3rd book.. A more “advanced” game programming book that took an already completed game I had written, disected it, and showed the techniques I…


Managed DirectX 2.0, Xna and Me…

One of the Program Managers for the Xna Framework recently started his first blog.  Unless you have the main RSS feed of this site subscribed, you probably didn’t notice his first post, which talks about a lot. You may have also seen the ‘official’ press release announcing the Xna Framework. If you haven’t read Al’s post yet,…


Busy busy busy!!

Lots of changes been going on over here recently which have been keeping me quite busy (well, more busy than usual).  I’ve recently switched groups over to the Xbox team (and the XNA team specifically), and I’m quite excited about the stuff we’re working on.  Don’t think this means I’ve “forgotten” about MDX though, believe…



Joe from TrayGames contacted me earlier and apparently they have a public beta available now. You can read more about it on Zman’s site, or here.


Koios Works, at it again..

So amongst the other mails I got today, i also got one from Marshall Belew from Koiois Works.  You may remember them from my posts way back since they were one of the first commercial MDX games out. I’m sure you can guess that since i’m blogging about it now, that game #3 is coming…


More Academia using MDX?

I got an email today from “Matthias” who did some MDX work last semester at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria..  The screenshots in the link he gave me look quite nice (apparently they took 2nd place in this years competition).. It seems there are also some videos.. Good stuff!


February 2006 SDK Available..

I’m always the last person to announce these things, but.. Hey.. Did you hear?  The February SDK is out! While the MDX2 assembly is still in beta form for this release, it’s still pretty exciting for me currently.  The time in which it will be in release mode is rapidly approaching, and I’d be lying…