Gamefest (or "I never seem to write blog posts anymore")

Well, Gamefest started today, and with that our team blog posted a new announcement.  Exciting stuff!

I also realize I rarely update this blog.  I'd love to say that I'm working on improving that, but the truth is, aside from being busy, I have I guess what you'd call "writers block".  Nothing interesting to really talk about work related that isn't being covered by someone else.

I've considered switching to the Live Spaces thingy and writing more often, but it wouldn't be anything like the things I write here, and I can imagine the few readers i have left aren't overly interested in the ramblings of whatever i'm thinking about at the time.  Besides, i'm sure most of that stuff would simply get me in trouble anyway.

Comments (5)

  1. Suresh says:

    According to Bloglines you have at least 194 readers … so keep writing!

  2. Pop Catalin says:

    Always happy to see your feed light up … you’re the guy that made it posible: write (cool) games using .Net

    Looking forward for some more inf0 on XNA 2.0

  3. CGomez says:

    Well, Tom, if you are interested, I just want to thank you for all the hard work you have done evangelizing managed games.  I am a hobbyist who is struggling to find time to cut code, but I still am grateful for all the hard work you have done.  MSFT could be like everyone else, catering only to the most hardcore of developers and making programming platforms and consoles that require a 100-man army just to get Pong out of.  Instead, MSFT embraces developers of all kinds and helps them achieve their goals.

    I’d love to see any XNA writing… any tips… anything at all.  But like you say that gap is being filled by other outstanding bloggers.  Still, any thoughts you have are always welcome.

    Thanks for all your time over the years.

  4. Ultrahead says:

    Tom, thanks to you I fully joined the world of MDX. Your book on the subject -"Beginning 3D Game Programming"- was a huge help for me on how to use c# to create DirectX-based games. Thanks to that, I can now get the most of the XNA Framework with ease for my games.

    Your advice is always welcome.


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