Managed Games? Of course!

You may remember me talking about Koios Works before.  They wrote one of the first retail games using Managed DirectX.  They have an entirely new 3D game out now called Panzer Command: Operation Winterstorm

Not only are they still using Managed DirectX and having a full 3d game going, they won first prize in a contest sponsored by Intel with a nice chunk of change reward!

I wonder if and when they'll be moving over the Xna Game Studio Express? =)

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  1. Kukuh TW says:

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  2. SomeCoder says:

    Nice , we are working on a cross-platform title , using the c# engine ported to c++ for mac/linux , tools in c# of course and hopefully we can do a xbox360 with the xna release , will post the link once we have a site going , but for now , it’s a multiplayer death match game with a twist … 😉

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