Wait, you can make your own Xbox 360 Games?

Turns out, Microsoft can't seem to wait until tomorrow.  The press releases are all out, and woah, we made an announcement!

Xna Game Studio Express?  The ability to make your own games for the Xbox 360 console?  Anyone and everyone?  Game programming on the console taught in a number of colleges?

Read more about things on these links:











And sign up for the Windows beta here.

Shh.. We can't tell anyone this yet.

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  1. Big news, the XNA team today announced a new product, XNA Game Studio Express, designed to enable…

  2. Promit says:

    Awesome stuff. At first I thought it was leaked — I guess you guys just have a psychotic sense of time 😉

    I will really be looking forward to Aug 30, that much is sure. I am, however, kind of vague on what exactly the $99 buys. I assume that will be cleared up soon, after the actual announcements happen and the beta release comes out?

  3. Tom says:

    One small question – if you want to make a game for 360 – do you have to spend the $99 at the point where you’re only testing it out on your own console? Or do you only have to spend the money when you’re making the game available to others?

    This is important as it’ll probably make the difference between me getting a 360 or not.

  4. Pessoal, como eu venho dizendo sempre no blog a iniciativa XNA é o futuro do mercado de jogos e como…

  5. Jay says:

    I could not help but laugh a little when reading "You have 30 minutes to complete this survey.", checking Student, and then being finished.

    This sounds very exciting.

  6. Judah says:

    Awesome. Finally, some news on XNA, and awesome news it is. Looking forward to the beta in 2 weeks.

  7. Decompiled says:

    I hope Microsoft has some good documentation to go with the Beta.

  8. BinaryJam says:

    As for good documentation thats always nice but a really good source would be Tom’s book, at least for all the managed DirectX.

    I would recommend that.

  9. Extrakun says:

    Wait, wait…

    Is the XNA Game Studio same as the XNA Framework?

    Will the XNA Framework be free too?

  10. gamblor says:

    Since the 1st of November the Beta 2 of the XNA Framework and XNA Game Studio Express have been released….

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