Joe from TrayGames contacted me earlier and apparently they have a public beta available now.

You can read more about it on Zman's site, or here.

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  1. Jonas Beckeman says:

    I’ve been looking forward for these guys to release their product – not because I’ll be developing games for their platform, but because it could mean that .NET/MDX finally gets into end users’ computers.

    The low install rate is a real showstopper for MDX-based online distribution, and that’s obviously(?) where the market is. No commercial entities dare commit to the technology until the install rate is high enough, and the install rate won’t climb until they commit.

    TrayGames are defying this catch-22 – hurray!

    I hope MS will also help the community by pushing .NET 2.0 and MDX some time in the future.

    (I installed Windows on a new computer yesterday, and it took like 30 minutes to even find the .NET 2.0 redist download! With that kind of backup from MS, it’ll take a loooong time before the casual games industry is willing to jump on the wagon)

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