Koios Works, at it again..

So amongst the other mails I got today, i also got one from Marshall Belew from Koiois Works.  You may remember them from my posts way back since they were one of the first commercial MDX games out.

I'm sure you can guess that since i'm blogging about it now, that game #3 is coming soon.  It's called "Panzer Command: Operation Winterstorm" and the engine they've done has come a *long* way since the first Tin Soldiers game..  I'm quite impressed with the screenshots i've seen thus far.

You can see some of said screenshots in this forum post from Matrix Games (the publisher of the 3 games).  There is also a public forum for the game here.

One of the best quotes I have from Marshall which pretty much sums up my feelings on MDX and managed code in gaming? 

"We continue to be complemented by our peers in the industry for what we have accomplished with the time and budget of our games."

I posted about the first game they did in October 2004.  It's now Feb 2006, a mere 17 months later, and not only have they published a second game, this is going to be the third.  Big congrats to those guys.  It's looking great.

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  1. Joe says:

    Tom do you know if their new engine is using MDX?  Also just to nitpick for fun it is spelled Kiois Works, you added an extra ‘o’.

  2. < Tom do you know if their new engine is using MDX?>


    It’s using MDX from June 2k5 on .Net 1.1.



  3. Jeff Johnson says:

    Just a question,

    I’m using managed directx and I like the API, but I have a concern about all the functions that use things like Vector3, Matrix and Plane (all of which are a ValueType). When passing these into functions such as Multiply and Normal and Dot, etc. A copy has to be made (because of the value type) as I pass them as parameters.

    Would performance be better if these were passed as constant references rather than making a copy of the value type every call? That way you pass in an alias to the value type that cannot be modified. Maybe I am missing something with this.

    Like in C++:

    void DoStuff(const Vector3& vect)




    Thanks for the hard work!


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