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Aside from this one sentence here, this entire post will be completely devoid of any information about Managed DirectX.  Instead today, I'm going to discuss World of Warcraft.  I'd put a link to the site here, but gee, it happens to be down right now.

Anyway, i've played the game for a significant period of time.  I had a level 60 character in the closed beta, and since release I now have 4 more level 60 characters, plus a spattering of non-level 60s (including a number higher than level 40).  Every one of my characters has 'PH4T LEWTS' (ie, epics), and the most played of them even has the full epic armor set.  I've been involved in killing all of the major 'bosses' in the games, have slept through runs of Molten core, been involved in the 'server first' kills of the Blackwing lair bosses, etc etc etc.  Once bored with all the PVE stuff, I started from scratch over on a PVP server and levelled to characters to 60 there.  I've done the faction grind for the battle grounds and gotten my 'uber epics' for the exalted reputation there.

In short (or in long depending on how you look at it), i've done just about everything there is in the game.  I've done it on a PVE server, i've done it on a PVP server.  I've played the game since it was released, and for almost a year before that.  Perhaps I'm speaking since things aren't 'new' anymore, but it's this man's opinion that the game has digressed dramatically since the release.

If people remember my first post on this subject 6 months or so ago, I was exceedingly frustrated.  I was about to quit the game.  The only reason I didn't was because I had formed some great relationships with some of the people I played with.  While the game itself was lacking in the 'fun' department, I had a vested interested in maintaining the relationships that had formed, and that kept me in the game.  Due to circumstances that I wish were different, those relationships were no longer allowed to continue a few months ago.  Thus, the only reason I was playing the game was now gone.

I decided the best course of action would be to try to re-invigorate my excitement for the game, which was the catalyst for the move to the PVP server.  I have to admit, for some time, the added excitement from the PVP server did serve it's purpose.  The game was exciting again, and I was having fun.  However, once I hit 60 again, I hit that wall that I described in my last post.  Sure, I could find another raiding guild and relive the content i've already experienced again, but why?  So, in one of the more ironic decisions, I decided to relive all the *beginning* content again, and re-rolled another character on that server and levelled him to 60.

I was at a dead end.  I could re-roll yet again, or I could continue to play one of my many level 60 characters who had nothing to do.  This was right around Christmas, and I had decided to most likely just stop paying, little did I realize Blizzard would help cement that decision for me.

Imagine you're a big company.  You've just developed the most successful MMO ever to be released.  You have upwards of 5million accounts.  Christmas is 3 days away.  What do you do?  Well, if you were the *real* Blizzard, naturally the best answer is to open a few new servers and then *LOWER* the population cap across all the rest of your servers forcing every single person to wait in a queue to simply play your game.

I could go on and re-iterate many of the points i made in the previous post, but as much as I can't believe it, the majority of them are still valid, and if anything worse.  Constant nerfs, hot-fixes for player-helping bugs, player-hurting bugs ignored, queues, server instability, communication, etc.  With the sheer amount of money they make a month, I can't fathom how over a year after release this isn't fixed.  Why release new content when the content you have doens't work? 

Did you hear?!?  Medivh opened the gates!!  And to think, the server only crashed 7-8 times to make it happen.  Oh, and they had to stop people from creating new accounts to go watch it.  And people still couldn't watch it when it happened.

My account expired (and wasn't renewed) on January 20th.  There's no doubt that the time I played, it was a great game.  However, was is the keyword in that sentence if you ask me.  For myself, I've lost all respect for Blizzard as a service unit.  It's sad, because if they ever do a Starcraft 2, I'll actually have to think twice before buying it.  Ah, who am I kidding, i'll buy it.  Any type of business that requires them to provide a service to me though? Forget about it.

Oh, and since my account is canclled, no, you can't have my stuff..  Honestly, if it wasn't against the rules, I'd probably just sell my account.  I'm sure I could get a decent price for my level 60s split across PVE and PVP servers all with epics.  That's not even considering they all have epic mounts and i have somewhere around 2k gold..

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  1. Skogen says:

    If you’re looking for an MMORPG that doesn’t have level limits and constant sources of new and interesting things, you’d do a lot worse then try EVE Online …

    It’s a free download and you can play free for the first 14 days with a trial key, I can sort one out for you.

    Put it this way, there are players that have been playing for nearly 3 years and still haven’t done everything that can be done in the game.

    And if you were to attempt to learn every skill in the game to lvl 5 – it would take (at current estimate) 25 years.

    From a technical perspective, it’s written in Stackless Python/C++ and uses DirectX – I keep suggesting that they look at the CLR 😛

  2. Strom says:

    That EVE looks great but the 14-day trial is actually more of a 2-hour trial. You can’t play more than the tutorial.

  3. zzz says:

    I tried eve but like you said above, you really NEED to play it 2 years to be able to get the big ships AND to equip them with the guns they deserve. You could get a battleship with few months waiting your skills to increase but what good is a battleship with pea guns? And by the time you have your bs+proper guns, characters that started before you may have played few years more and are always going to be ahead of you.

    In EVE even if you had a lot of time to play, you would get no further in the game than someone who would only play 1 hour a week (mainly logging in and clicking the wanted skills and such).

    So the game is mostly about who has played (payed) the longest and not about the one who has some dedication for the game.

    It is great if you have only few hours to spend weekly, but if you play any more than that it’s frustrating that you can’t do much since your skills haven’t advanced.

    Sure you can use some math to optimize your character for learning the learning skills and thus getting your skills increasingly faster but then what’s the fun in that. The game also tastes a lot of Excel in terms that if you want to play it well you are GOING to use Excel and other programs to optimize mining efficiency and other corporate finances.

  4. zzz says:

    Something I forgot..

    If you love politics, you’ll love EVE. You could go and play it solo or with couple friends in a corporation but the meat of the game is the huge alliances and getting to be the guy who has some say in things. But be prepared to play by the politics set by older characters.

  5. Skogen says:

    I’d argue the 2 years thing – I’ve been playing for just over a year, can fly 3 type of Assault frigate, 2 types of HAC and 2 races Battleships. All at LVL 4 or 5 …

    A 2 month old player can be very effective in EVE, if you choose your skills correctly …

    The bit about the Trial acount isn’t completely true, due to abuse by macro players, CCP made the decision to limit the ships that a trial player can fly – but what you’re left with is still more then enough to get a feel for the game.

    Let’s face it, most of the ships you can’t fly on the trial, you can’t train for in 14 days anyway.

  6. Archibald says:

    And while you were levelling several toonz up to lvl 60 across multiple servers….were you actually getting work done for the people who sign your paycheck?

  7. MSDN Archive says:

    Well, Archibald, I’d say Tom’s work speaks for itself. On top of that, considering Tom’s workload, I’d say it’s damn near impossible for him to go hack around in instances and go on quests. No, he DEFINITELY earns his paycheck.

  8. cedmonson says:

    Why so glum, Tom? Withdrawal perhaps? I’d say you definitely got more than got your money’s worth out of WoW. Why not take a break and go on some real-life adventures. Here are a few of my favorites:

    1. Maui, Hawaii – rent a jeep and spend a week. 7 different climates on an island not much bigger than the Seattle area.

    2. Budapest, Hungary – cross a bridge and step back 1000 years into a realy fantasy land.

    3. Barcelona, Spain – a different kind of fantasy land from the mind of Gaudi

    4. New Zealand – tours have been created for the locations from the Lord of the Rings movies, many a fine precipice

    5. Ireland – ruins every 1/2 mile, thanks to 900 years of war

    The list could go on and on…

  9. Eric says:

    Oh. I was going to tell you about EVE…but someone else already has. 😉 Look me up when you get online. My Name is "Miyuki".

  10. BLiTZWING says:

    We could get into some sort of philosophical debate on personal opinion and perception with a post like that.

    I hear complaints like this every day about all sorts of games, but it’s the same complaint none the less.

    Now, I’m not criticising you for this opinion, all I’m saying is, be thankful you weren’t one of us who played Star Wars Galaxies from launch.

    I could say so many bad things about SOE (and to a lesser extent, Lucas Arts) right now. As a burnt player and forum correspondent for SWG, my experiences are 10x as bad as just a burnt player. SOE changed the game on us completely… TWICE!

    Honestly, WoW is heaven compared to SWG, even though I quit WoW for EVE now too.

    Needless to say, I am making my own MMO now.

  11. akuehn says:

    would be interesting to see how much you spent in world of warcraft altogether. you seem to have a great amount of spare time.

    and still i suppose you will reactivate your account once the add-on is out.

  12. frotunda says:

    My friend was over the other day, and I showed him It is a site with cheats, bugs, dupes, etc for world of warcraft. He told me it was against the rules for wow to do this. Is this true? I am used to cheating on video games for my whole life, so I was sort of shocked to hear this.

  13. Dating says:

    Aside from this one sentence here, this entire post will be completely devoid of any information about Managed DirectX. Instead today, I’m going to discuss World of Warcraft. I’d put a link to the site here, but gee, it happens to be down right now. Anyway

  14. Weddings says:

    Aside from this one sentence here, this entire post will be completely devoid of any information about Managed DirectX. Instead today, I’m going to discuss World of Warcraft. I’d put a link to the site here, but gee, it happens to be down right now. Anyway

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