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I think I blogged about this once before.  If I did, I don't remember when and can't find it.  Since there have been a number of questions on the topic though, I'll post this again, even if it is a duplicate.

ZMan has already done the 'work' for getting the source code from my two books to compile with the latest SDK's.  While it's true it's not an 'official' source of these updates, it seems like a perfectly good way to check out the updates without having to go through the pain of fixing the compiler errors due to API changes.

You can find the kickstart source here, and the beginners book source here.

Thanks to ZMan for the updates!!

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  1. weston133 says:

    Yes, but why do your samples run so slow?

  2. Nick says:

    The website says August 05 updates. Is there any place where we can find the samples for MDX 2.0?

  3. Stu says:

    I found that fixing the compiler errors was a somewhat beneficial way of further drilling the API into my head 🙂

  4. Ryan says:

    I have this book and am finally sitting down to go through it as I am also learning C. I got Visual Studio 2005 that came with DirectX SDK 2.0…tried to install the book files and it made me download the older SDK. I did it and was able to install the files. I’m now in chapter 2 trying to add the code snippets to the teapot.cs file and I’m getting all kinds of errors about ‘Device’ being a ‘type’ but being used as a ‘variable’. Being very new at this, I’m not sure how to fix. Do I need the new SDK now that the files have been installed from the book? If I use the updated files on this site, do I need the new SDK. Please help, I’m stuck!



  5. Not the latest, just June and August !

    First, I admit your books are excellent and I learned a lot from you.

    But why is it so difficult for you to document changes in your book source code whenever a new SDK becomes available ? Moreover, as DirectX manager, you are responsible for these changes. It should take you no more than a few minutes to explain these changes in your blog. This could save us, loyal managed DirectX users, a lot of time. At the same time, it would be very helpful and instructive to anyone of us.

    I am sorry to say that you are lacking the minimum respect an author owes to his readers. I could understand you if you were just writing for a free web site but it’s not the case.

  6. ari says:

    Hey does any one else get a null reference exception unhandled error sometimes on the playerMesh.DrawSubset(0) call in the player class Draw function? I tried adding the line if(playerMesh!= null) before it, but this didnt do anything. It doesnt happen all the time so its difficult to debug. Basically I play the first level a few times and it happens within a few minutes of trying to make it crash! :S any help much appreciated

    thx in advance

  7. ZMan says:

    Gerard.. you know I generally agree with you that authors should provide the updates. In this case though Tom and I have a good symbiotic relationship. I told him to concentrate on working on MDX and I would cover updating the code for him. He promised me 50% of his book sales and his first born child or something like that.

    Nick.. I will have the 2.0 code done once the 2.0 API stablizes itself, there’s too much churn and bits missing. So check back after RTM. However the problem with the 2.0 stuff is that some of the code will have dramatic changes from the book whereas the current updates are close enough that beginners can see what the changes are.

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