Managed Games? Of course!

You may remember me talking about Koios Works before.  They wrote one of the first retail games using Managed DirectX.  They have an entirely new 3D game out now called Panzer Command: Operation Winterstorm Not only are they still using Managed DirectX and having a full 3d game going, they won first prize in a…



I heard somewhere that we might be having a beta of the Xna Game Studio Express before the end of the month..  And the end of the month is almost here! I bet you could sign up here for it right now!  


Random XNA thoughts and links..

Well, maybe not so random. First, ever wonder what the XNA Framework was?  Look at Mitch’s latest post on the Xna Team Blog.. Second, a coworker has recently started a blog, and he has a number of interesting posts, including explaining why he joined the Xna team. Which makes me get quite nostalgic myself.  Shortly…


Have you seen the XNA Team Blog?

In one of my posts yesterday I linked to it, but it is a good blog to read.  I really enjoyed the little bit of extra information from Boyd in today’s post.   


Wait, you can make your own Xbox 360 Games?

Turns out, Microsoft can’t seem to wait until tomorrow.  The press releases are all out, and woah, we made an announcement! Xna Game Studio Express?  The ability to make your own games for the Xbox 360 console?  Anyone and everyone?  Game programming on the console taught in a number of colleges? Read more about things…


Gamefest is tomorrow..

Much like Boyd (my boss) says on the XNA Team Blog, I am pretty surprised we’re here today and our announcement hasn’t been leaked yet.  Even if it was now, we’re half of a day away, so it probably wouldn’t matter anyway. No, this doesn’t mean i’m leaking it now. :p Although a decent number…


Last weekday before Gamefest!

As the title implies, Gamefest is rapidly approaching.  It’s the last weekday before the conference starts next week.  Oh man, I am excited! I’m not excited because I’m going though.  Truth be told, I’m not, even though it’s just a short drive away.  While I’m sure I would love actually being there, I have so…


Cornucopia of topics, redux…

So much has been going on, it’s hard to believe that it’s been since April since I made my last post.  Well, aside from being quite busy I was pretty annoyed at the spam I was getting before, so I guess a break was a good thing.  It’s been a while since i’ve posted though,…