A few cool uses of MDX @ Columbia

From a colleague here.. Innovative uses of MDX: http://www.columbia.edu/~me133/


December SDK Available.. Better late than never?

I blame my self-imposed umm.. isolation? while on vacation for the lack of a Dec SDK release announcement.  Since i’m so late and lazy now though, i’m just going to copy David’s post: The Windows Graphics and Gaming Technology Team is proud to announce the latest version of the DirectX SDK, available for immediate download!…


Probably not quite what he intended..

I got an email recently from Phil Vaira about a new RPG he was working on.. So, like I normally do, I went and checked out the link.  What I found though was a new post detailing his ‘advice’ on native DX vs Managed DX.  Naturally, I read that as well.  What i’ve found is…