Game Developers Conference…

In a little over twelve hours from now I leave once again for the annual Game Developers Conference.  This year there are a few things different.. One, it's earlier in the year than previously.. Two, it's in San Francisco rather than San Jose this year..  Three, I'm not actually speaking at this one.

Not speaking has both a good side and a bad side.  The good side naturally being that I'm not speaking.  Despite the number of times I've given presentations to large audiences and spoken in public, it still comes with a sense of nervousness and anxiety.  The bad side is there is a bit of new stuff I want to talk about I can't..  I guess everyone will have to wait.. =)

Hopefully the change of venue will 'help' some of the overcrowding that was happening back in San Jose..  I guess we'll find out soon enough.. 

Comments (6)

  1. bonk says:

    Maybe you could talk about the "bit of new stuff" in oyur blog. I am sure a lot of people are eager to read ….

  2. "The bad side is there is a bit of new stuff I want to talk about I can’t…"

    Then blog more often! 🙂 That’s what blogs are for, after all.

  3. Travis Owens says:

    I’m glad to see official game dev conferences actually embrace MDX, or at least have an open ear on the subject.

  4. Any presentations on MDX at GDC? Does XNA embrace MDX for anything?

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