It turns out, my new book is already out…

I really need to pay more attention to things like that..  Here are links for Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Oh, and welcome to 2005..  Hopefully i'll have more time to post this year..

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  1. Glenn Wilson (Mykre) says:

    Waiting on delivery, "Good Christy Present", should have it next week. Delivery to Australia!

  2. Stone says:

    Hi Tom,

    I ordered your book in May 2004 at Amazon and last Monday I recieved it.

    I’m really happy to hold your book in my hands right now.

    Greets from Germany


  3. Turns out that Amazon shipped Early…. Book has just arrived and I am starting to work though it

  4. Dougie says:


    I briefly scanned thru your new book this morning in B&N and at first glance it doesn’t seem to be a true sequel to your first "Kickstart" book (which I own and love!) – in fact it almost seems to cover similar ground yet aimed at a lower level than the Kickstart book itself – is that fair to say?

    Is there anything in the new book that someone who owns your first book would benefit from or should we wait for the third book?


  5. Tom Miller says:

    Naturally there is some overlap between the first two books, mainly due to the fact that the area covered in the 2nd is partially covered by the first.

    However, the first book is simply a discussion of the API, while the second is more geared towards game development. You need the API to do the development, so I consider them both to be hand in hand..

  6. Glenn Wilson says:

    I was watching your Dotnet Show, and you had a demo of a space flight sim, that you were either going to have in the book, or as an appendix. Is this going to be availible, or can we get a copy of it. It is a sample that is very simular to what I wish to work on…

    Regards from Australia,

    Glenn (

  7. Hi Tom,

    Now that your second book is out, I’ve been wondering about your 3rd book. Please tell us something about it! Also, when and where will we be seeing "Space Tag – The Revenge"?

    I have also been trying to locate errata for your first book. SAMS has errata for your book here:

    but the errata only lists one correction. Are there any other corrections to the book or code updates that you can share with us (such as hardware capability checking)?



  8. For some reason, I thought your new book was ‘Managed DirectX Game Programming Evolution’. Barnes & Noble says the release date for this is October 2004.

    What’s up with that?

  9. dohtem says:

    Tom, I just ordered your the book and I will go pick it up at Borders today. If it is anything like the first, I owe you a beer 🙂 Good luck with the third one.

    Greetings from Sacramento, CA

  10. Panda says:

    Ok, I so got the book (very good so far, I am pleased) and I was going through the example in Chapter 2 (the simple one where a teapot is rendered and rotated). So far it looks like the code we are supposed to add to the .cs file VS.NET creates is incomplete. We don’t create the device that we use and the generated code doesn’t either. Am I missing something here? I am using VS.NET 2003 btw.

    PS. Sorry for posting the question here but this was the only logical place I could think of. Where can I direct questions related to the book in the future?

  11. ZippyV says:

    What isn’t your book published by MSpress?

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