A few cool uses of MDX @ Columbia

From a colleague here.. Innovative uses of MDX: http://www.columbia.edu/~me133/

December SDK Available.. Better late than never?

I blame my self-imposed umm.. isolation? while on vacation for the lack of a Dec SDK release announcement.  Since i’m so late and lazy now though, i’m just going to copy David’s post: The Windows Graphics and Gaming Technology Team is proud to announce the latest version of the DirectX SDK, available for immediate download!…


Probably not quite what he intended..

I got an email recently from Phil Vaira about a new RPG he was working on.. So, like I normally do, I went and checked out the link.  What I found though was a new post detailing his ‘advice’ on native DX vs Managed DX.  Naturally, I read that as well.  What i’ve found is…



So I have a buddy that recently embarked on a new adventure that could be quite thrilling.  Ok, so he got a new job.  Now, i’ve had friends get new jobs before, so what makes me go decide to talk about this one?  Simple, he is now working for the company doing Stacks Poker. Oh,…


Known issues with Whidbey Managed DirectX

So, how is it that I can get scooped by my own information?  (Just kidding ZMan, I appreciate it!) Anyway, two main known issues with the Whidbey MDX Beta.  First, it requires VS2005 Beta2.  Nothing later.  Those of you using RC0 will get “FileNotFound” exceptions when trying to load the assemblies. Two, there is a…


Whidbey Managed DirectX

The October SDK release is now available and (if you read ZMan’s blog, you already know) it includes the first beta of the Managed DirectX for the 2.0 CLR.  I’m extremely interested in your feedback on this, particularly design decisions that were made, what you think should have been done, etc. Here is the information…


Way to go Aaron!

Saw this post on the newsgroups, and I got a kick out of both the story and the little game Aaron wrote.  Hopefully this post doesn’t give him ‘too much’ publicity.. =) (Oh, and Aaron, my feedback is ‘nice job’ in the short time you worked on it.. I got a kick out of it…..


Managed DirectX Game Engine..

I just got an email from the folks @ Suva Interactive, and it seems they have a game engine using exclusively managed code and MDX in particular. I haven’t had enough time to actually look at it in depth, but it looks promising from what I did see.  Seems they entered it into the CSD…


Professional Game Developers use Managed DirectX?

Check out the video that David Weller did with Steve Lacey, the graphics lead for Flight Simulator. About 3/4 through the video his comments: “The Managed DirectX stuff these days is a great starting point, and for a lot of people a great finishing point as well for shipping titles.” and “We internally in the flight…


Wait, so you’re telling me I gotta work with this guy?!?

Well, after ‘unofficially’ working with David for the last few years, we’ll now be able to work together ‘officially’ for a while.  I look forward to the community he’ll help foster for the group.  You can read his ‘sensationalist’ piece about his departure from his old group here.