Moving Day!!!

Hard to believe that in a little less than 20 hours I'll be moved into our new house.  While the wait between signing the papers to have the house constructed (November of last year) until now has seemed to take eons upon eons to get here, in reality, it hasn't been that long at all..  And now that the day has finally arrived, and my current house is virtually completely packed (aside from my computer of course), it's definitely a lot harder to believe than I imagined it would be.  

Look at it now!

Amazing how quickly these things happen.  Now, the fun of moving and unpacking begins.  Somehow I think these things will be much less exciting once the move is complete.

Comments (3)

  1. Marc A. says:

    Nice House Tom ! Congratulations.

    I am looking forward to your news books!

    Like many, I love Managed DirectX.

    Marc A.

    (France, age 29)

  2. Travis says:

    Houses/real estate must be godly expensive there. I would expect Tom to be making a decent salary but yet the house is rather small (no offense).

    I’m making sub 50k salary and my house is equal in size although I live in the country. Sidewalk? Bah haven’t seen those before!

  3. Tom Miller says:

    Not entirely sure how you can tell the size by the picture, but it’s plenty big enough for me.. =) It’s almost double the size of my last house, and has a total area of over 4000 sqft..

    And yeah.. Things are expensive. =)

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