A cornucopia of topics!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but a few other posts today have gotten me to change that now.  First David Weller tries answering the question “Does Managed DirectX discriminate against VB.NET Developers”..  Since he put me on the spot to answer it, i’ll do that first. In short, no, of course…


The first Managed DirectX game..

To my knowledge, the first ‘retail’ game written in Managed DirectX has been released..  It’s called “Tin Soliders: Alexander the Great”, and you can read more about it here.  It seems to be a turned based strategy game.  I’ve never played it, I really don’t know anything about it, but I expect it to be…


The DirectX SDK – Even quicker updates..

You may not be aware, but the DirectX SDK is moving towards a more flexible (and quicker) release schedule..  With that, our next release is now live.  Here are a few quick details:         Tool Updates                PIX             – Call capture and playback, Asynchronous events, Triggers and Actions                Maya Exporter   – Maya 6…


Writing a game using Managed DirectX.. The Contest..

With the upcoming release of my new book, I thought it would be pretty cool if there was a contest held for writing the ‘best game’ using Managed DX.  Details are sketchy right now (like will people outside of the US be allowed to enter), but it’s something that will be happening.. While rules and…


Why can’t I compile Managed DX code using the MC++ Compiler?

This has become a popular quest recently, so naturally that means it must be time to blog about it..  People have been discovering that simple MDX code just doesn’t seem to compile with the Summer 2004 release of the Managed DX assemblies..  Simple code such as this: Form1 __gc* pForm = new Form1();// Create a…


You can never beat free advice..

Especially when it’s as good as Rico is giving here. I particularly like his universal advice: For all features X one of the following must be true: I am not using feature X I understand the costs of using feature X and it has a good cost/value proposition for my customers as I intend to…


Who would have thought road trips involved so much driving?

I guess I should have realized that since I did use Streets And Trips 2005 to actually plan the trip, but I’m here to tell you..  Reading about a 2-day 19 hour one way drive is a lot different than actually *doing* said drive.  That being said though, once you ignore all of the driving…


Road Trip!

Like Greg mentioned earlier this week, my birthday is rapidly approaching (oh, happy birthday to Greg too!), so since i rarely get to go on vacation, I decided to take a road trip.. I’ll be gone for about a week.. Will barely have access to a computer, won’t have access to email or anything..  Instead i’ll…


It’s almost time for Meltdown!

Like Mitch mentions, I’ll be giving a talk at Meltdown this week (both Tuesday and Wednesday) on using Managed Code in gaming.  For those of you who won’t be attending the conference, the talk’s slides will most likely be posted on MSDN shortly after the conference is over.  It will be a good time.


The Summer 2004 SDK Update For DirectX has been released..

— Official announcement – DX Web site should be updated soon.. The DirectX(r) Team is pleased to announce the final release of DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2004)! The DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2004) contains updated versions of the D3DX library, graphics samples, sample framework, tools and Managed DirectX documentation. Areas of concentration in…