The speed of Managed DirectX

It seems that at least once a week i’m answering questions directly regarding the performance of managed code, and Managed DirectX in particular.  One of the more common questions i hear is some paraphrase of “Is it as fast as unmanaged code?”. Obviously in a general sense it isn’t.  Regardless of the quality of the…


XBox Live

Given my job in the DirectX team, it’s probably a safe bet that people already realize i would be what is called a ‘Gamer’.  I spend entirely too much money on video games, and depending on the games that are out there, entirely too much time playing them.  However, right now my ‘gaming’ time is…


The joy of house buying..

We bought our first house almost five years ago, so i’ve had the pleasure of completely ignoring the work required to make that purchase for so long, i had essentially forgot about it. Don’t get me wrong, buying a new house is an exciting time, but boy can it be a difficult time as well. …


The Render Loop Revisited

Wow.  I wouldn’t have thought that my blog on the render loop and doevents would spark as much discussion as it did.  Invariably everyone wanted to know what i thought the ‘best’ way to do this was. Actually, the answer is (naturally) ‘It Depends’.  It wasn’t actually an oversight on my part to leave out…


The downside of using the events

Managed DirectX has plenty of events that it captures, and fires in a normal application.  Every single managed graphics object will hook certain events on the device to ensure it can behave correctly.  For example, when a device is reset (due to a window resize, or a switch to or from full screen), any object…


Matrix: Revolutions..

So we saw Matrix Revolutions yesterday, and if i had to sum it up in one word, it would probably be ‘eh’. I don’t want to give away any plot lines or anything, but the ending really dissapointed me.  It was somewhat slow starting, but the middle was quite entertaining.  The battle when the machines…


The .NET Show

Oh yeah!  I’m on the .NET Show this month with Brian Benincasa.  As of this writing, our show is also the first link on the MSDN home page and the MSDN DirectX page as well. How exciting!


The Render Loop

If you’ve seen the SDK samples for C# or VB.NET, and have looked much at the graphics samples you may have noticed the render loop, which looks something like this: while(Created) {     FullRender();     Application.DoEvents(); } Obviously the point of this method is to loop so long as the window is created (which normally…


Managed DirectX Graphics And Game Programming Kickstart

In a bit of a shameless plug, i’d like to point out that my book on Managed DirectX is available now. As i’m sure everyone is already aware, the documentation for the Managed DirectX API left a little to be desired.  My book covers every component of the Managed DirectX API, including DirectInput, DirectSound, DirectPlay,…