History of Outlook Web Access

My dev lead Jim has a nice history of OWA on the Exchange blog.  He talks a bit about the early versions of OWA and describes how XMLHTTP came into being for the Exchange 2000 release and how it came to be installed with IE.  Neat little piece of internet history. http://blogs.technet.com/exchange/archive/2005/06/21/406646.aspx


Outlook Web Access Customization TechNet Articles

There are a couple new TechNet articles on customizing Outlook Web Access.  These are two months old now, but given that I haven’t posted in some four months, I’ll consider them “new”.  In any case, they deal with creating custom UI themes and changing the appearance of the logon page.  Sometimes our development team is…


Outlook Web Access Development Openings

I finally found a moment to breathe last week and come up with some text for a job posting for position in our group.  We’re looking for talented developers who have experience with ASP.NET.  If you are or know someone who someone who might fit the bill, get in touch.  We have several positions for…


Outlook Web Access Calendar View Query-String Parameters

Monday I received an e-mail from James Buchanan asking what is the query-string parameter to bring up a monthly calendar view in Outlook Web Access.  Actually, I am starting to get a lot of emails from people asking about this or that, which is great and I am happy to help when I can.  I’ll…


Overriding Outlook Web Access’s Display Language

As you know OWA’s UI or display language is determined by the Accept-Language HTTP header sent up by the browser on each request.  This is controlled by a value set in Tools / Options / Languages…  Now there are times when an OWA administrator might wish to override the language requested and return something else.  One way…


Exchange Server TechCenter (redesigned)

The Exchange Content Engineering team (including a couple of characters I’ve been known to hit the espresso stand with) along with various other folks have released a revamped Exchange TechCenter on microsoft.com as a portal for finding technical information on our software.  There’s lots of good info up there if you’re looking for more help or considering a…


Creating header based rule in OWA ?

I received this nice e-mail asking about creating rules on more message properties than we support today in OWA 2003.  Since Exchange has been around a long time and I’ve only been part of the team for one release, I thought I’d share when I learn something new as well. Hello, Thanks for publishing this…


OWA Theme Fun

Nino Bilic provides the cool images and css for the OWA XBOX theme in a recent entry on the Exchange blog.  Back in early 2003 when we were finishing up development on the product and many mailboxes at Microsoft were dogfooding our bits, OWA dev decided to show off the feature on April 1st.  The dev building…


Setting Outlook Web Access Views on the QueryString

The other day I received an e-mail from a guy who read an entry of mine on the Exchange team blog who wanted to know if was possible to specify the view of one’s Inbox on the querystring.  Surprised that people (one anyway) find my inane prattle useful, I thought I would share my response…


Outlook Web Access Administration Tool Released

I am happy to point to the download point for the new Outlook Web Access Administration Tool that our team has built.  The tool is an installable web site which allows one to tune OWA registry settings.  To quote the install point: It provides a list of all servers in the domain and allows administration of…