DirectSound Metronome

My former intern Albert has finished his metronome project that uses DirectSound and talks about some of the issues he hit on his MSN Space — The Groove Yard. It Works! Creating streaming, live audio is sorta easy! This opens the doors for all kinds of projects…(audio synth? Audio sampler?).


Outlook Web Access Development Openings

I finally found a moment to breathe last week and come up with some text for a job posting for position in our group.  We’re looking for talented developers who have experience with ASP.NET.  If you are or know someone who someone who might fit the bill, get in touch.  We have several positions for…


RE: InvariantCulture and DateTime.ToString()

Hey Omar, regarding this entry…  Your comments are closed so I thought I’d let the trackback do the talking.  I just wanted to say I have been bitten by this kind of thing before as well.  This would work too. get{return DateUtc.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) + “.dayfeedback.xml”;}


Looking for .NET Forum Control

I think thinking about incorporating forums into my pickup sports sites – and – and although I am tempted to write my own forum code, the fact is I have so little time and this is something I think there are several implementations in .NET already.  Anybody using a .NET forum control or…


Scrollable Resizable Datagrid

The Code Project has a project by Pedro Maia Costa based on an HTC we put out for a Web Team Talking article a couple years ago.  NIce job, Pedro.  For me one of the great benefits of writing on the web in a developer community like is that you often get good feedback from developers running…


Win32 API Equivalents in .NET

This is from January, but it’s making the rounds again.  Here’s a listing of .NET Framework equivalents of the Win32 API.  Highly useful to some.  Historically interesting as well.  


Blog Paging via T-SQL Stored Proc

It’s around two a.m. on a Sunday morning.  I am finishing off a bowl of Frankenberry after completing some work to incorporate paging into my photoblog site.  At first I thought I’d handle the paging at the application level and just do a simple query and find the row range that I need, but ultimately…


A Few Interesting System.Drawing Posts

Here are a few posts on some fun stuff in System.Drawing that I found interesting.  The first is a follow up to Omar Shahine’s earlier post on a perf tip loading an Image from a Stream.  The second I forgot to flag for follow up, but RSS Bandit has a nice local search which found it…


XP SP2 and .NET 1.1 SP1

With all the articles and blog entries about these two recent service packs I was wondering if I would see anything interesting when I installed them on my laptop and home web server.  The answer is no.  Everything just works.  My sites continue to chug along and my apps are just fine.  I guess that…


HtmlEncode(string, TextWriter)

A friend pointed out the overload of HttpUtility.HtmlEncode today that I hadn’t played with yet.  No doubt every ASP developer has played with the version that takes in a string and returns the Html encoded string.  This one will take a string and output the Html encoded text to a TextWriter, in many cases directly…