Looking for .NET Forum Control

I think thinking about incorporating forums into my pickup sports sites – InfiniteHoops.com and InfiniteSoccer.com – and although I am tempted to write my own forum code, the fact is I have so little time and this is something I think there are several implementations in .NET already.  Anybody using a .NET forum control or…


Testing Scoble’s Link Power

Rob Scoble claims to raise sites from obscurity to a Google rank of 4 with a simple link from his blog.  Let’s try it out.  I have a site (InfiniteSoccer.com) that has been up one month and currently has a rank of 0.  Let’s see if it works.  I’ll report back in a few weeks.


Announcing InfiniteSoccer.com

Today I announce InfiniteSoccer.com, a site for finding and scheduling pick-up soccer games based on the impressive technology that powers InfiniteHoops.com.  Very exciting to think that a new franchise is the simple act of creating a new CSS, changing a few strings in the RESX, and setting an option in the web.config. So what is it?…


InfiniteHoops.com Milestone 100

My little .NET project InfiniteHoops.com for finding and scheduling basketball games reached 100 registered players on Saturday, I am pleased to say.  Development in recent weeks has been mostly in the area of UI and ease of use improvements.  I have also started my link exchange campaign starting with NBA webloggers.  This seems to be driving the…



I am kind of interested in applications of XML.  To be sure, it was an interest in RSS which led me to write my random thoughts about things on this blog.  Recently, I blogged an update about the MathML spec.  I have heard of projects such as ChemML (CML) to markup molecular structure and reaction formulas,…


InfiniteHoops.com and Google AdSense

I decided to sign up for Google AdSense and start serving content specific ads (in this case basketball specific) on my InfiniteHoops.com pickup basketball site.  The Google team first reviewed the site and suggested that I push more content outside of my login before they would agree to serve ads.  Having more functionality for unauth’d users…


InfiniteHoops.com — the first month

My .NET authored site for pickup basketball has been up for just over five weeks now.  I have signed up 76 users and this number seems to have really plateau’d out.  I have added such features as RSS feed of the NBA news that I find interesting (which no one uses — seriously), RSS on…


InfiniteHoops.com — the first week

My pick-up games and all things basketball web site – InfiniteHoops.com – has been up for just over a week now and I thought I would give a quick report on it.  In seven days time, I had signed up 55 unique logins or “players”, which I think is not too bad, but the majority of those people…



Today I announce my .NET authored site InfiniteHoops.com, which is a kind of sports scheduling engine.  It took a while to get all the pieces together to host this thing myself.  Pulled together new hardware, new code, domain, dns.  Now there’s a Dell PowerEdge in my library running Windows Server 2003 and MSDE 2000.  Hopefully,…