Writing Solid Code

I’ve just finished reading Writing Solid Code, which it seems everybody at Microsoft has and recommends.  I think one of my past dev leads bought each of us on the team a copy.  The odd thing is that it’s having immediate effect.  Maybe that’s not odd, but good.  I’d finish a chapter and start immediately adding…


Terrible rewrite compulsion

I just opened a project that I hadn’t touched in quite some time and noticed that I was building up my SQL statements by concatenation, which as we all know is a bad idea.  I then felt that old compulsion to start rewriting — this time to use OleDbParameters.  I really don’t need to update…


Prototyping: Do it right or get it done?

Given that prototype code has a way of becoming ship code and that one usually doesn’t have a whole lot of time to play with a prototype, should one take the time to “do it right” or just mock up as many features as you can in your timeframe?    Hard-coding resource strings:  yes or…


Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap 2003-2005

Seems like many of you guys are already up to date on future Visual Studio releases.  In case you are interested in reading more on Whidbey and Orcas, you can visit this article on MSDN.


“Edit and Continue” and programmers who work for a living.

Rory Blyth pointed me to DonXML’s recent post on edit and continue functionality encouraging poor programming practices.  It’s an interesting post for discussion, but I don’t agree.  For many VB guys, edit and continue is a feature on par in usefulness with something like Intellisense.  It’s a time-saver more than anything else.  Many solution programmers…


ActiveSetup and MSI

Hmmm…  trying to find information on using ActiveSetup to install an MSI is not easy.