Shape-shifting robot shows off its moves

Here’s an interesting modular robot made up of individual cells that combine into basically arbitrary and distinctly molecular-looking shapes, except you know — each cell is about the size of a softball. via New Scientist: A shape-shifting robot comprised of many independently moving components has been demonstrated walking, rolling and slithering for the first time….


John Deere, IRobot Team Up to Make Robot

BOSTON – In a trailblazing pairing of robotics and tractor companies, iRobot and John Deere announced plans Monday to build a 9-foot-long semi-autonomous battlefield vehicle. Burlington-based iRobot Corp. will adapt the artificial intelligence technology used in its Roomba vacuums and portable PackBot military robots for a two-seat John Deere utility vehicle similar to ones the…


When Robots Rule the World

via AP and GENEVA — The use of robots around the home to mow lawns, vacuum floors and manage other chores will increase sevenfold by 2007 as more consumers snap up smart machines, the United Nations said. Most of them — 570,000 — were robot lawnmowers. Sales of vacuum cleaning robots reached 37,000.,1282,65408,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_7


Red Whittaker Visits Microsoft

Dr. William “Red” Whittaker of CMU visited the research room at Microsoft today to talk a bit about Sandstorm, the robotic Humvee, and the Grand Challenge.  In robotics, there are of two schools of thought in making mobile robots.  There’s a top down approach, which is based on building the best maps of the terrain in…


Command Line Pizzer, Dyson Autonomous Vacuums, Real Nanobots and Vintage Lego

Here’s a couple things from my browser history over the week… Slashdot reports a command util to order Domino’s.  It’s nerd-tastic! Look out Roomba, Dyson’s got an autonomous vacuum on the way. A Nanobot with DNA for Legs Walks Buy and Sell Vintage Lego


BBC News on Robot Culture at the Robolympics

The competitions seemed to break down along cultural lines. The Japanese robots reigned supreme when it came to sumo-wrestling, while the European teams showed off their skills on the football pitch. As for the American machines, they specialised in demolishing the living hell out of each other in one-on-one robot combat. Read more


DARPA Robot Challenge Ends with No Winner

Seems the LA-Vegas autonomous robot race ended today with no one claiming the $1 million prize.  Only two of the entries were able to make it to the seven mile mark of the roughly one hundred and fifty mile course.  The favored CMU “Red team” apparently was able to travel the farthest in the shortest…


DARPA Grand Challenge Robot Race

Bruce’s post reminds me that the start of the DARPA Grand Challenge autonomous robot race from LA to Vegas is today.  Wired had an article this month on the race and the various buggies and cycles that will attempt the challenge.  I am also pleased to see a weblog from the favorite CMU team complete with pictures of…


Asimo in the news

Honda robot Asimo, the diplomat.



I came across Robota by way of Slashdot today  Robota is an “film book” by Doug Chiang, the Concept Art Director of the Star Wars prequels, telling another story human enslavement by machines and the glorious rebellion.  He has two trailers for it.  Must be the first time I have seen trailers for a book. …