Scrollable Resizable Datagrid

The Code Project has a project by Pedro Maia Costa based on an HTC we put out for a Web Team Talking article a couple years ago.  NIce job, Pedro.  For me one of the great benefits of writing on the web in a developer community like is that you often get good feedback from developers running…


CSS Quiz

Here’s a little CSS quiz that I found courtesy of the CSS weblog (yes, there is such a thing).  I got a 19 out of 20.  Apparently I messed up the index of the left and right padding values.  No doubt the result of years and years of writing symmetric web pages — so that right-to-left…


Are styles illegal on COL elements?

Consider the following HTML:  IE displays the background color of the second column blue, but Firefox does not.  My question for you CSS pros out there is:  Is the background-color style not supported on COL elements?  (or is there something I can do to make this work?)  <html><body><table cellpadding=10><colgroup>   <col>   <col style=”background-color:#0000FF”></colgroup><tr>   <td>should be window color</td>  …


Seeking CSS Opinions

Not quite sure what the “correct” behavior should be in the HTML below.  What cursor would you expect to get when you mouse over the TD and why?  <html><style>TABLE.tbl1 TD{ cursor:hand;}TD.td1{ cursor:move;}</style><body><table class=”tbl1″><tr> <td class=”td1″>what cursor is it?</td></tr></table></body></html>