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I think thinking about incorporating forums into my pickup sports sites - InfiniteHoops.com and InfiniteSoccer.com - and although I am tempted to write my own forum code, the fact is I have so little time and this is something I think there are several implementations in .NET already.  Anybody using a .NET forum control or app that they like and would recommend?  Let me know.  Thanks. - T -

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  1. Aviv Raff says:

    A commercial forum application I recommend is FuseTalk: http://www.fusetalk.com

  2. The one used for the ASP.NET discussion forums @ http://www.asp.net/ is the most obvious… Take a look here: http://www.communityserver.org/

  3. SuperJason says:

    I use Community Server Forums (http://www.TelligentSystems.com). They work pretty well, and they are on the verge of releasing a new version. I have it set up for my Roncalli High School Alumni site at http://www.RoncalliAlumni.com

    You can also browse the forums where most of the news is released: http://www.CommunityServer.org

    This forum is the latest version of what is used on ASP.net and WindowsForms.net

    Hope that’s what you’re looking for!

  4. Jeff Davis says:

    We use a very good ASP.Net forums product – InstantForums, and the price is right ($119, $299 with source).


  5. Matt says:

    I’ve seen the InstantForums around on a few sites: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/instantforum/default.aspx

    Of course, there is the free ASP.Net Forums with source. I think there must be some nice functionality in InstantForums for people to go with them over the free forums.

  6. Yohan says:

    Community Server (www.communityserver.org) is a good one to test out.

  7. Jon Schwartz says:

    Hi Tosh,

    Check out our forums component at http://www.ms-inc.net. If you’d like to use but modify them, mail me at jons@ms-inc.net and I’ll send you the source for them.

    Same for the chat component if you want to use that.



  8. Sax Leader says:

    I would recommend FuseTalk.Net (http://www.fusetalk.net). I’ve used it for several clients and its be test forum app on the market no doubt.

  9. Tosh Meston says:

    Hey thanks everybody. I will take a look at your recommendations.

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