Looking for .NET Forum Control

I think thinking about incorporating forums into my pickup sports sites – InfiniteHoops.com and InfiniteSoccer.com – and although I am tempted to write my own forum code, the fact is I have so little time and this is something I think there are several implementations in .NET already.  Anybody using a .NET forum control or…


Scrollable Resizable Datagrid

The Code Project has a project by Pedro Maia Costa based on an HTC we put out for a Web Team Talking article a couple years ago.  NIce job, Pedro.  For me one of the great benefits of writing on the web in a developer community like blogs.msdn.com is that you often get good feedback from developers running…


CSS Quiz

Here’s a little CSS quiz that I found courtesy of the CSS weblog (yes, there is such a thing).  I got a 19 out of 20.  Apparently I messed up the index of the left and right padding values.  No doubt the result of years and years of writing symmetric web pages — so that right-to-left…


Blog Reorg

Since the US beta launch of MSN Spaces, I made up my mind to focus more random interests posts to my space and leave this one for posts focusing on Outlook Web Access, .NET or general programming.  More eclectic posts like those on best Seattle mochas, robots, hoops and various opinions on industry happenings will…


Outlook Web Access Calendar View Query-String Parameters

Monday I received an e-mail from James Buchanan asking what is the query-string parameter to bring up a monthly calendar view in Outlook Web Access.  Actually, I am starting to get a lot of emails from people asking about this or that, which is great and I am happy to help when I can.  I’ll…


Overriding Outlook Web Access’s Display Language

As you know OWA’s UI or display language is determined by the Accept-Language HTTP header sent up by the browser on each request.  This is controlled by a value set in Tools / Options / Languages…  Now there are times when an OWA administrator might wish to override the language requested and return something else.  One way…


Exchange Server TechCenter (redesigned)

The Exchange Content Engineering team (including a couple of characters I’ve been known to hit the espresso stand with) along with various other folks have released a revamped Exchange TechCenter on microsoft.com as a portal for finding technical information on our software.  There’s lots of good info up there if you’re looking for more help or considering a…



So, today the sphere is all a buzz with the US launch of MSN Spaces.  I am psyched that the Japanese beta of Spaces I had associated with my Passport automatically converted to English with the launch.  Now I can read and customize it.  I guess Scoble will be photo sharing with Flickr.  Not me.  My moblog…


Win32 API Equivalents in .NET

This is from January, but it’s making the rounds again.  Here’s a listing of .NET Framework equivalents of the Win32 API.  Highly useful to some.  Historically interesting as well. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dndotnet/html/win32map.asp