“Publisher: ‘Blog’ No. 1 word of the year”

“Publisher: ‘Blog’ No. 1 word of the year” No kidding.  The word has entered mainstream consciousness like never before.  No doubt Howard Dean was the impetus.  People have been waiting for weblogging to reach a critical mass and perhaps after this election season with masses of political bloggers, candidate blogs and even war bloggers, it’s finally here.  I wonder…


Shape-shifting robot shows off its moves

Here’s an interesting modular robot made up of individual cells that combine into basically arbitrary and distinctly molecular-looking shapes, except you know — each cell is about the size of a softball. via New Scientist: A shape-shifting robot comprised of many independently moving components has been demonstrated walking, rolling and slithering for the first time….


Comcast DVR Coming Soon (to my place)

Ah yeah, no Tivo with IR blaster for me.  Comcast is finally offering a DVR based on MS technology (this one, I believe and we’re getting it Saturday.  Sweet.  Yes, my wife is already sad to know there will soon be a million old star treks archived for my nerdy indulgence.  Speaking of nerdy indulgence. …


Creating header based rule in OWA ?

I received this nice e-mail asking about creating rules on more message properties than we support today in OWA 2003.  Since Exchange has been around a long time and I’ve only been part of the team for one release, I thought I’d share when I learn something new as well. Hello, Thanks for publishing this…


Revenge of the Sith teaser trailer

via Calacanis’ weblog: The Episode III teaser trailer.  Looks sweet.  I’m starting to get excited for this.  Incidentally, we took our six month old to Toys ‘R Us today.  As I was showing him various toys, his biggest positive reaction came when I showed him a Darth Vader action figure.  He knows what’s up.


Random Election Thought

“Exit poll” is the new “hanging chad”.  Too many pundits talking about exit polls, geez.