John Deere, IRobot Team Up to Make Robot

BOSTON – In a trailblazing pairing of robotics and tractor companies, iRobot and John Deere announced plans Monday to build a 9-foot-long semi-autonomous battlefield vehicle. Burlington-based iRobot Corp. will adapt the artificial intelligence technology used in its Roomba vacuums and portable PackBot military robots for a two-seat John Deere utility vehicle similar to ones the…


Ads in RSS

I’ve recently subscribed to Jason Calacanis’ weblog and was just looking over some of his recent posts.  He mentions that the feeds on his family of sites are now including ads.  He also mentions that Yahoo will launch Overture ads in RSS as well.  I wondered when I’d hear about this happening.  I am…


Scientists seek to create ‘three-parent’ babies

via Kurzweil and Scientists in the UK are applying for a licence to create human embryos with three genetic parents. The aim is ultimately to prevent children from inheriting genetic diseases caused by mutations in DNA housed by their mitochondria – components of cells which produce energy. The procedure would involve fertilising a woman’s…


Ann Coulter Hit by Pie

By way of Joi Ito I find that conservative columnist Ann Coulter was hit by a pie during a speech.  Funny, yes.  Worth being arrested?  Doubt it. (Aside: is it pronounced like “joy” or “joey”?)


When Robots Rule the World

via AP and GENEVA — The use of robots around the home to mow lawns, vacuum floors and manage other chores will increase sevenfold by 2007 as more consumers snap up smart machines, the United Nations said. Most of them — 570,000 — were robot lawnmowers. Sales of vacuum cleaning robots reached 37,000.,1282,65408,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_7


Pattern Recognition, a movie?

William Gibson mentions in his blog that there is a possibility that Pattern Recognition will be turned into a film.  Cool news for the fans.  Pattern Recognition is set in post nine eleven days so no silver-screen Molly Millions.  Enjoyable nonetheless.  Am wondering if weblogging will find its way into a future Gibson novel?


What kind of social software are you?

Apparently, I’m a GNE.  What are you?


Falling off this thing called blog…

I have really fallen off blogging lately.  I think I’ll probably be migrating to my own server and cross-posting technical pieces here in the near future if I can find time to put some kind of UI together.  Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to do things like that.  It’s been about a year and a…