Writing Solid Code

I've just finished reading Writing Solid Code, which it seems everybody at Microsoft has and recommends.  I think one of my past dev leads bought each of us on the team a copy.  The odd thing is that it's having immediate effect.  Maybe that's not odd, but good.  I'd finish a chapter and start immediately adding recommended practice to my home projects.  Many of the practices are old having been ingrained by dev leads and peers stating them time and again in code reviews.  It's clearly a part of the culture at MS.  What I found interesting in the book was real world stories of the "old" days -- bugs that were found in Mac Excel due to poor coding practices.  The other key takeaway of the book which I'd recommend to new hires or interns is the attitude that the author promotes of the developer being a tester first.

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  1. clam says:

    writing effective solid code, solid work, good throughput and result, earn a living, not wasting bandwidth, i.e. win win win for all.

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