XP SP2 and .NET 1.1 SP1

With all the articles and blog entries about these two recent service packs I was wondering if I would see anything interesting when I installed them on my laptop and home web server.  The answer is no.  Everything just works.  My sites continue to chug along and my apps are just fine.  I guess that doesn't make a good story. 


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  1. Actually, *Almost* everything works! User of the SourceGear Vault Client ( I am one) may have problems. There are a couple of fixes out there, but until they come out with ver. 2_0_6, I decided to rollback and just reinstall DotnetFX 1.1 until the smoke clears.

  2. Actually it is a very good story and a reassuring one as well. It is easy to find people posting when they have a problem and a lot harder to find "it does what it is supposed to" stories. Although I have had no problems with installing SP2 myself, that is a pretty limited basis to use for recommending others to do the same, especially those that don’t know what to do if it goes wrong.

    Of course the fact that MS and a lot of other people have been dogfooding this one for a very long time know would make me doubt that it is less than 99% reliable, if not more so. So my response when people ask is that I have been using it since RC1 without a problem, but like any upgrade there may be a risk. However, the benefits far outweigh the risk. The only person I didn’t recommend to install SP2 was because she didn’t even have internet at home (can you believe that?!?!?) with no plan for it in the future.

    What I would like to see from the ISPs that come out and do the installations (or in their little installation CDs) is to make sure that the customers have SP2 which is a benefit on their part as well. One reduced tech support call is enough to go to the extra effort.

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