Sink on the Micro-ISV

Eric Sink has a new Business of Software on the Micro-ISV (one person ISV) and is running a micro-ISV experiment to sell a winnable solitaire program.  Eric says he will disclosure sales figures in future blog entries or columns.  Should be interesting.  Best of luck, Eric.

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  1. Charanjeev Singh says:


    Thanks for rekindling the fire in me. I have been a one-man company for a long time. I remember the time I first bought a modem and found SuperVoice bundled free with it. I spent days setting up the right number of voice mail boxes to represent virtual departments, only to go back to a single mailbox at the end.

    I am encouraged by your article and I am currently working on a small project which could have a great impact on the Courier and Logistics Industry.

    Wish me luck! and Thanks all the more…

    Charanjeev Singh

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