HtmlEncode(string, TextWriter)

A friend pointed out the overload of HttpUtility.HtmlEncode today that I hadn’t played with yet.  No doubt every ASP developer has played with the version that takes in a string and returns the Html encoded string.  This one will take a string and output the Html encoded text to a TextWriter, in many cases directly…


KITT for Sale

Boing Boing reports that one of the original Knight Rider cars is for sale on EBay, complete with the scanning lights in the grill and external speakers that make that scanning sound.  You know the sound.  I was always an A-Team kid myself.  If that black van with the sweet red stripe comes on the market, I…


More Fun with Images (or System.Drawing Redux)

It’s high time I wrote another little piece on what I have been programming in my spare time.  I mentioned before that I have been playing with digital photos, extracting EXIF dates with Omar’s photo library (very handy) and posting them to the web for friends and family.  Well, Pavel Lebedinsky mentioned in the comments…


Isaac Hayes’ Three Laws of Robotics

Some guy Shane posted “Isaac Hayes’ 3 Laws of Robotics“ as a comment to this blog entry on Engadget.  I laughed out loud. A robot must risk his neck for his brother man, and may not cop out when there’s danger all about. A robot must be a sex machine to all the chicks, except…


Portable Media Center Players

All the gadget sites are talking about Amazon accepting pre-orders for these portable media center (PMC) devices.  These are little hard drive based players that you can view recorded tv on (as well as pictures and listen to music).  Both players offered at Amazon have 20GB of storage and cost five hundred bucks.  You need an XP…


New MSN Search

Sweet.  MSN Search has a new release.  Looks good too without all that clutter in my opinion.  Searching for myself seems to produce the same results I would find on another site.  Here’s more info. This comes my way via Engadget.  They have a comparison of the experience against Google using Pocket IE.